"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

All About Pups

A Good Start


You have taken one of these adorable balls of fluff home …

You will take him to a puppy school but for now he first has to be introduced to the rules in his new house.
It is extremely important now to build up confidence and trust, a stable relationship for all to rely on and to carry on dealing with the pup the way he is already used to. 

He is still a puppy, ready to love you with all of his heart, but too small to understand your wishes completely.

Please NEVER speak to him in an army tone or even scream. He will be completely confused if that happens, he will not understand what this sudden war is about, just feel not being loved. His sense of basic trust will have a crack forever !

We teach the pups by using body language and reinforcement, which is a positive and understandable approach to the little learners.
The principle is rather simple: he gets an immediate reward if he does something the right way, he gets no reward and no attention for exactly 2 minutes if he does not do what he should.

Our toilet training works like magic … we can be anywhere and our dogs do their toilet on our command at the spot we want them to use. You can achieve this too! Just follow the guideline:

  1. Each puppy starts circling when he needs a toilet – so pick him up immediately when he starts doing so and carry him to the spot in the garden you want him to use.
  2. Put him down and start walking in a small circle saying „wee wee“ in a high pitched tone.
  3. Your puppy will also start walking in a small circle and do his toilet.
  4. The second he finishes you praise him with a „well done“ and then cuddle him.
  5. You walk back into the house together.

This routine is to be repeated until your puppy runs on his own to the toilet spot. From that point onwards you can stay on your verandah and observe him, praise him „well done“ from the distance and cuddle him when he comes back to you again.

In case of an „accident“ happening within your home just remove what your puppy left on the floor WITHOUT saying a single word ! Your puppy will neither get his praise nor a cuddle but will be ignored for the time you need to clean.
As soon as he starts circling again you please do as instructed by our guideline.

If you want to comment or know the exact reasons for why we teach "toilet“ as described, please contact us.
We've got lots of experience in teaching young and old dogs new tricks :-) … special guidelines will be availabe on request here or at Dolittle's playground premises.