"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

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Dolittlefarm Victor


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Registered Name Dolittlefarm Victor
Sire OldAmbt's Special Now or Never HD/ED AA/00
Dam Dolittlefarm Giselle HD/ED AA/00
Date of birth November 2015
Hair type Longcoat
MDR1 free
Height 63 cm
Registration No. FCI/Kusa
Nature Smart and beautiful, stable personality, good with children and other pets


Dolittlefarm Jutan


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Registered Name Dolittlefarm Gaetana
Sire White Knight Decemba Rain
Dam Dolittlefarm Bijou
Date of birth 01.08.12
Hair type Longcoat
HD/ ED Free
MDR1 +/+
Height 60 cm
Registration No. FCI: ZA023568B13
Pedigree see Goethe (litterbrother)
Nature Friendly self-confident, playful, a calm leader with grace



Dolittlefarm Xalam Amor


Dolittlefarm Xalam Amor


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Registered Name Dolittlefarm Xalam Amor
Sire Oldambt's Special Now or Never for Dolittlefarm HD-FCI: A 1/2
Dam Dolittlefarm Kiss me Kate HD-OFA: Excellent
Date of birth 2017
Hair type Longcoat
HD/ ED coming...
Height coming...
Kusa Registration No. FCI/Kusa
Pedigree http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/white_shepherd/dog.html?id=2577567-dolittlefarm-xalam-amor

Dolittlefarm Goethe


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Dolittlefarm's Goethe was an eye-catcher from the second he was born. Matching very interesting lines is one thing - seeing such a result in a just born puppy felt unbelievable, like a dream just having become true... Since then every single visitor reacted with a "wow" on his appearance, the dogfood rep took pictures and proposed their usage for dog food labeling, the vet's team told everybody about this pup ... and Goethe himself? He is a self-confident, laid back, extremely lovable guy who enjoys every new situation, meeting new people and other animals, being playful, obviously smart, knowing what he wants and how to solve "problems" on his own. Stay tuned and follow his way in life!

Goethe meanwhile passed BGH 1 examn and FH1 (tracking dog) with excellent as he had 96 out of 100 points.
International judges awarded him a V2 and a CAC on a dogshow whilst he is now training for FH2 examn. Watch out for this boy who lives overseas!

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