"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

UnforgettablePictures of Amira

AMIRA (09.09.1993 - 31.01.2001)


Our Amira - Love beyond Words

Amira was our starting point of love and passion for the Whites- and that is how it all began ..

My eleven year old son found out about Amira through the daily newspaper. A picture being shown in the report about a German Kennel which was closed by the public prosecutor due to misuse and negligent treatment of White Shepherds. German Animal Rescue was desperately searching for a home for a very skinny, white female dog...

This dog had been kept in a dark cellar in order to produce numerous litters per year- She was so scared of any human approaching her that her strategy to cope with her extreme fear was to stop breathing as soon as someone came near her = simulating death in order to avoid an attack or being considered prey. She was incapable of living a normal doggy life due to all that had happened to her... badly nourished and suffering from heart disease...

My son Oliver took one look at this dog and it was absolute love at first sight. Amira even dared to breathe a bit when he was close on his first visit to the Animal Rescue Shelter... My son did not stop begging and even crying to convince our family that we have to give this dog a home even though Animal Rescue advised that she is a big piece of work and a risk and our landlord declined our having her as a pet on the premises...
There is no way to describe all the emotions the whole family went through until we decided to get Amira and give it a try... and move into a different house on large grounds

What is Love about?

My son believed in his love and me, being a clinical psychologist and enthusiastic Mum, I thought that all my knowledge and resources might be capable of "healing" a dog in order for my son`s biggest wish to come true... Amira got heart surgery and then learned about the existence of daylight, the nature (step-by-step) whilst enjoying the cozy ness of a home with good people (her new family) who care... I even took her with me to my practice in order to teach her that humans aren't a danger by default..

And then?

Amira turned into the biggest blessing.. maybe due to intelligence and personality given to White Shepherds by nature, maybe due to the White's inherent wish to please their owner and watch out for them...

Or maybe it was due to the big fridge that she took left over meals and cheese from as soon as everyone was asleep at night, leaving the packaging on the floor, sometimes even closing the fridge after she was done.. or maybe it was due to her opening my son´s backpack on her own when he was back from school.. taking crisps or whatever goodies she could find :) ...

She turned into a big help when in my practice, though never having been trained to be a therapy dog ... she managed to help patients with their diseases such as autism, personality disorders, depressions, anxieties, physical disabilities ... being the most valuable add-on to scientific approaches and returned all the help she had received from our family a thousand fold.

And my son was her star for a lifetime - whom she even protected when she was still very weak ...

Angels come in many different forms and she was definitely one of them...

Dolittlefarm is dedicated to Amira ... We will never forget you... knowing that you will wait for us at

The Rainbowbridge

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