"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

UnforgettablePictures of Kimbo

Fasko von Koljana (Kimbo) (15.04.1994 - 24.09.2006)


Our Kimbo - brave "White Dragonheart"

Meant to be our "Undercover Dog and Warrior" due to his escaping from different Animal Welfare places just before being put down.. As no one wanted to give him a home for years.. Full of scars from fighting and jumping walls... whom we found after Amira had died and no White Shepherd kennel had a pup available ... and there was that big empty space in our hearts and in the house...
Our first experience with a big, strong, male White Shepherd - rather individualistic than needy...

A bit scary for us at the beginning with some work to be invested into socializing him with humans instead of animals whom he had met and knew from Animal Welfare Kennels and thriving through forests ...

After a while and some systematic exercises he turned in cases of danger within seconds from a laid back big dog who loves to swim in seas and rivers into a fearless, powerful protector... using all his strength and capacities...

Whenever we wondered about any stranger's intentions, his lifting his head and going back to laid back mode was as a guarantee that everything is in good order. But when he got up on to his feet in seconds - that meant that there was an upcoming race where people tried to be faster than a White Shepherd...

Did you know that a group of drug dealers and addicts (searched for by the police) once climbed our walls and tried to find shelter underneath our covered patio area?

They had to wait for hours for us and the police to show, lying amidst our rose bushes ... not daring to move one of their little fingers... as that wouldn't have been to Kimbo's liking ... who was circling around the rose bed ... enduring the rain ... having had confronted 13 intruders ... making sure that these freezing people were scared of him ... and kept on waiting in an unpleasant position .... :-)

Our heroic "White Dragon" ...

Oh ... and on visiting friends on a farm, we had to forget about fresh eggs for breakfast, as there was our big White, moving flawlessly into the chicken koop in the early morn.. getting hold of all the fresh eggs ... carrying them carefully back to his doggy bed.. .teaching Amor valuable knowledge in his puppy days ... such as how to secretly remove fried prawns out of a pan...

Kimbo - our experienced and beloved self - help doggy genius... best adorable bodyguard by innate instincts ... we will never forget you and that feeling of complete safety when you were around ... until we meet again at

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