"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

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Trained Guard Dogs For Sale


What is the difference between a trained companion dog, a guarding dog and a guard dog?

A trained companion Whitie basically comes with all basics and skills needed to be taken further.

Not every trained companion dog can be a guiding dog but every guiding dog has first to master the companion dog skills.

From there he can be trained as guiding dog for humans in need of a service dog and help blind or deaf people to master their life, pull wheelchairs or learn to press certain buttons for disabled people etc.

Please contact us if you need a Whitie with very specialised training out of our Native Genius pool.

Now what is a Guard Dog?

Most people think that their perfectly behaving cuddly Whitie will turn into a threatening guard dog by himself as soon as the Bad Guys jump the wall.

This is a common misconception as though the Whitie will dash forward, bark and growl ... if the Bad Guys fight the dog he most probably does not know what to do anymore and needs your non-verbal commands.

You wish your Whitie to be most lovable to family and friends or your staff - how should he know that you are bringing a colleague from work along and are not accompanied by a Bad Guy who is not supposed to enter the house?

You can either teach a pup to be suspicious, aloof, growling and barking at every new person in your house and risk that he barks at your kids' friends which you most probably do not wish to happen or go the way of teaching him exactly about what to do, if Bad Guys are around.

What can we do for a good solution?

Guard Dog training starts after all steps of "Trained Companion Dog' have been mastered, the dog has been assessed and has these characterisitcs:

1. Outstanding temperament. Not showing any signs of fear, anxiety, unprovoked aggression. Being self-confident, curious about new sights and sounds, assertive (not aggressive!).
2. He needs a certain drive and trainability. 3. His loyalty must be excellent

Training steps:

- advanced obedience I and II: the dog's responses to handsigns are trained to be precise
- Scent detection I: learning to find things by sniffing - Scent detection II: sniffing out either an unusual item and informing the handler or sniffing an unusual location of an item and informing the handler. Let's say somebody known takes things out of the house and hides them underneath a bush in order to come back later and collect the goods
- your guard dog will tell you about the location. Or let's say somebody throws something over the wall in order to ???. Your guard dog will show you what there is all of a sudden on your lawn.
- Barking and stop barking on command: your guard dog will notify you if there is somebody 'new' around and wait for your instruction about how to proceed.

How does stop barking on command help with the Bad Guys already having jumped the fence?

Your Guard Dog is not a military or police dog that will attack, but you will have the time to press the panic button as you will be notified AND if those bad guys are already close by they will see a big White Swiss Shepherd standing upright next to you and staring at them with an unfriendly look. Who obviously somehow quickly reacts on whatever as you do not give any verbal commands whilst he stands there without barking. Completely unpredictable for them about what the dog might do next but they get that it won't be greeting them with a nice tail wagging.

Meanwhile police or security service are on their way ....

Please contact us about availiability of a trained guard dog in the near future


Dolittlefarm Jadu




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Registered Name Dolittlefarm Jadu
Sire White Paradise Amor of Dolittlefarm (import Germany) Sire HDAA ED00
Dam Dolittlefarm Cora HD AA ED 00
Date of birth July 2013
Hair type Longcoat
HD/ ED Free
MDR1 +/+ (by birth)
Height 64 cm
Kusa Registration No. CX019854 P
Pedigree coming....
Nature friendly, positive vibe, playdriven, loyal, used to kids, eye catching appearance, obedient