"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

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Protection Dogs For Sale


What is a Personal Protection Dog about ?

We train eligable White Swiss Shepherds to be of service as Personal Protection Dog which you could also call military or police dog.

This starts with an expert assessment whilst dogs are still young puppies considering these points:

1. Outstanding temperament. Not showing any signs of fear, anxiety, unprovoked aggression. Being self-confident, curious about new sights and sounds, assertive (not aggressive!).
2. He needs a certain drive and trainability.
3. His loyalty must be excellent
4. he must be of more than outstanding health without the slightest indication of possible genetic viability to any hip or joint or structural diseases
5. his movements are thoroughly checked 6. the vet has to confirm a strong heart

Other than numerous requirements at the dog we can only sell such a trained dog to either a skilled handler with experience in the field or to new owners who are willing and motivated to learn everything what it takes in order to handle such a specified dog in the right way.

Personal Protection Dogs have rescued many lives worldwide, fought lots of crime and participated in wars. They are comparable to a perfectly functioning self-defense 'instrument', extremely loyal and attached to their handler and ready to die for him. They do not only deserve to be handled the right way and be treated with all empathy and TLC, they can also turn unpredictable in response to being mistreated (such as basically every dog but with the difference that they know about how to bite).

We do the 'Companion Dog Training' with eligable pups, then add the 'Guard Dog Training'.

From there onwards the Protection Dog Training is being taken over by an international expert with 35 years of experience in training military dogs.

He will add all bitework, defense and attacking techniques with his team.

Dogs that are supposed to do patrol work / protect your house and premises basically learn all what is defined as 'Schutzhund': an agitator wearing a protection suit will raise his arm, carrying a stick which is perceived as threat by the dog.

The dog will go for the arm, disarm the agitator and also release on command. From there onwards such a trained dog will hold the agitator at bay until police arrives for help. He will only bite again if force becomes necessary.

With control and temperament being really important in Schutzhund (IPO) training, these dogs either have to pass gold level of Canine Good Citizen test or undergo a strict obedience and temperament test.

Police and army will continue training and teach the dog to bite other body parts as well but that is within their discretion.

Our Churchill (not for sale) is one of our trained Personal Protection Dogs who perfectly performs access control to the premises and with him and 3 other (trained for protection work) White Swiss Shepherds roaming around, we feel completely safe and would walk through the most dangerous spots without hesitation if they come along.

Right now all perfectly trained White Swiss Shepherd Protection Dogs have found their new home.

Please watch this space and contact us with your needs for Personal Protection about availiability of a suitable pup that can be trained accordingly.

Our Churchill (not for sale)

IMG 5070Churchill5


Cozin Freya of Dolittlefarm (not for sale)

Cozin Freya of Dolittlefarm