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Raw Diets For Dogs: Getting Enough Vitamins And Minerals ?


One of the main reasons pet owners are reluctant to switch their dog to a raw diet is the fear their dog wouldn’t get enough vitamins and minerals. Many others feed plant and vegetable matter for an added vitamin and mineral punch...


But here’s a guide to help you see the vitamin and mineral content in animal proteins ...


Although it’s hard to improve on a fresh, natural diet of species appropriate foods, you may have a dog who you feel needs extra nutrition (perhaps extra vitamin C for immune function or iodine for thyroid function). Luckily, there are nutritional herbs you can use to give your dog an additional boost without needing to mulch up those veggies. Most importantly, these whole food sources of vitamins and minerals are a much healthier choice than their synthetic counterparts. And unlike synthetic vitamins and minerals, herbs provide essential nutrients complete with the cofactors they need to make a healthy change in your dog – just as nature intended!


You'll find the downloadable list of Vitamins and Minerals contained in Animal Protein and their Herbal Sources which are listed in "Dogs Naturally Magazine" in our section "Downloads".




Raw Egg with Shell
Raw Meat with Bones
Raw Liver, Kidney, Tripe
Raw Chicken Pieces, Necks, Giblets