"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

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Healthy Treats are Fun


What is it that fits the concept of feeding a raw diet and serves as grain-free healthy treats?

All of our dogs from puppies to seniors thrive on a mixture of delicious treat and doubling the reward
by adding a little task to be mastered. They love to be challenged and have success - such as people!

So let the dogs have some fun and receive a treat at the same time!

We stick to the concept of not feeding anything that contains preservatives or colourants and have animal protein treats produced by a butchery which consist of 260g Venison Meat / dried for several days without salt but with added herbs. Convenient - easy - healthy - delicious.

We keep our empty water bottles and either fill a mixture of natural juice and water in or we fill them with a homemade apple-sauce without sugar on adding some water. The dogs learn very fast about how to turn the lid, open the bottle and if there is apple sauce in they learned to left the bottom so that all sauce can be licked out.

Keeps them busy for quite a while and is a treat with mental fun factor included.

Hot summer days require a cooling treat: plain bulgarian joghurt frozen in the ice-cube tray are highly welcome or freeze the joghurt in a glass and hide a favorite piece of fruit in the middle. It's such fun to lick or chew through the joghurt in order to get hold of the desired fruit and it has a cooling effect.

We keep any empty plastic boxes and fill them with a Banana-Snack: 1 ripe mashed banana mixed with 2 teaspoons of wheatgerms and 1 teaspoon of plain joghurt - fill the empty plastic box and put it into the deep freeze for 4 hours. We alternate with using mashed paw paw or sweet-melon, close the lid and it works like one of these surprise toys.

We use old small baby bottles or any other plastic tub which one can put into the microwave and mix 1 egg with one kind of veggies which a dog likes, put some grated cheese on top and put it for 20 seconds into the microwave. Have the dog open the tub, work himself through the cheese in order to get hold of his favourite vegetables. And off we go with fun when having a deserved treat!

These are the principles and every family can be very creative when preparing treats for their furkid ! It's easy, fun and makes use of things which are around anyway. Just do not forget to deduct some amount from the daily food portion if your dog has several treats or if your plastic tubs are rather big.
Our dogs love to earn themselves more than one of these natural treats - which is okay as these treats are really healthy but still - there are calories involved.

Another healthy treat requires a fruit tree in your garden: Teach your dog i.e. to harvest an apple for himself as a reward for a good performance. he will run, pick and enjoy his apple and leave the middle part with the pits behind as he knows by instinct that the pits are poisonous to him. Bottomline: be creative and have fun with your dog. The two of you will enjoy!

Feel free to Contact Us and ask if you wish for more information or are not sure about something.

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